Virtual CFO



For businesses that require the support of a finance expert, Figure Eight’s virtual CFO service could be just the answer.


Should you be a growing business that can’t yet afford the luxury of a full-time CFO, perhaps you need to focus on doing what you do best rather than spend your time managing the finances or more simply feel the need for an occasional financial health check, Figure Eight can help.


This involves Figure Eight founder David Thomas working with your business on an as need’s basis. The benefit is that you pay for only what you need tailored to your requirements. This may be once per week, once per month or quarter dependent on your business needs.


With over thirty years’ experience together with a proven track record of business turnaround both as a CFO and CEO David intimately understands the requirements for optimum financial management performance. Figure Eight delivers more than a ‘just a CFO’. Figure Eight’s proven experience in business turnaround ensures you receive the service of an all-round business advisor. It’s the service and advice of a proven performer who has been there in the commercial trenches and understands the commercial intricacies of running a business.


This combination of experience and achievement provides the key for SME’s requiring an affordable solution for their financial and business management challenges.


David’s thirty plus years of experience with a proven track record of business turnaround provides the key for SME’s requiring an affordable solution for their financial and business management challenges.


In essence, Figure Eight aims to deliver the service and guidance you always expected from your accountant but never actually receive.


Should you require something ongoing and regular or just a one-off or occasional financial health check Figure Eight can help.

We help with things like…


  • Commercial guidance
  • Business strategy
  • Performance management reporting (the right KPI’s for your business)
  • Profitability and breakeven analysis
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Cash ‘burn’ analysis and scenario modelling
  • Budgets & forecasting
  • Pricing analysis
  • Business plans
  • Business and project evaluation
  • Processes and policy
  • Systems set up & enhancements
  • Risk and compliance




    Are starting up
    a business

    and want to establish
    good finance foundations

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    Can’t yet
    afford a CFO

    but require
    the expertise


    Are a busy

    who’d rather focus on
    business ideas than finance


    Suspect your

    could be more
    efficient and effective


    Run a business that’s
    growing rapidly

    and need to ensure your finance strategy can accommodate this growth


    Are experiencing
    cashflow issues

    and don’t know how
    to address them


    We believe that many operational finance tasks and decisions are unnecessarily complicated and can seem beyond the reach to those without specialist financial qualifications and experience.


    Our mission is to provide the solutions so that you can confidently address these business puzzles. We aim to equip you with the tools, techniques & knowledge to answer multi dimensional operational financial tasks and initiatives without the need for costly specialist help.


    Whether you operate a growing small business requiring additional tips and tricks to move to the next level or are an aspiring executive in need of finance skills to round out your toolkit, Figure 8 will help you attain that level of commercial financial literacy to allow you to move to the next level with clarity and confidence.

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    David Thomas brings clarity and simplicity to financial and accounting concepts. His coaching has given me the skills and confidence to do the same in project based work and in communications with CEOs and Boards.


    Project Director


    I am a medium sized business owner who always seems to be working long hours but not showing any money in the bank. David provided a clear picture of how to price my services profitably, improve cash flow and ensure that my business is ready to expand. Thanks, so much David you are fantastic at what you do.


    Owner – AOK Property Services


    David is a disciplined thinker and an expert facilitator in strategy, problem solving and decision making. He is a skilled diplomat in a team and is able to draw out people’s views to reach sound, credible solutions.


    Chair of Lifeline Northern Beaches


    I enjoyed using Figure Eight Finance. David was very good at understanding my learning needs and supported me through an important finance project. The assisted learning that he provided enabled me to feel confident when applying key financial management concepts.


    Head of Platform Sales – Brightroll

    Proud Members